Pecs, Serratus And Scalenes July 11, 2021

Pecs, Serratus And Scalenes July 11, 2021


Time: 9:30-11:30am 2 CEU's


Location: Location - Omaha School of Massage Therapy

5406 S 99th St

Omaha, NE. 68127


Rounded shoulder posture, frozen shoulder, numbness and tingling in the arms or fingers, difficulty breathing, limited range of motion reaching behind body and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome are just some of the symptoms caused from hypertonicity in the Pecs, Serratus anterior and Scalenes. These conditions are most common in Athletes and weight lifters and even people who use repetitious movements. In this class, you’ll learn precise massage and stretching techniques to release these muscles. These methods are some of the most effective for restoring mobility of the shoulders and correcting rounded shoulder posture.


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Omaha, USA

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