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Testimonials & Client Reviews

Omaha Massage Therapy Continuing Education

"Ann offered a more thorough learning environment than many of the other classes I have

previously taken.  I highly recommend this course for anyone serious about learning

techniques to help their clients." - Heather Russell



"Thank you so much!  One of the best courses I’ve ever taken – so relevant.  Made it worth

coming clear across the state!" -Jerri Woodard



"Great as usual!  Very good info that I will be able to utilize immediately in my practice."

- Laura Offerman

“Ann is an excellent instructor. The course gave me great techniques for self-care, and

tools to take into my massage studio to work with clients immediately. The price was

right too!” – Nancy Barnett

"I've been an LMT since 2009 and have taken many workshops over the years and have

met some amazing instructors.

I'm here to tell you that Ann is offering a way for all to attend what I consider some of the

best teaching that I have used in my practice AND I have experienced just recently in this

class a release in my neck that I never knew existed.

We don't learn this technique in school or many workshops and Ann is here, in town,

teaching precise and effective work that will raise the bar in your practice. Don't miss

out and try her out!"  

- Mary Winey, LMT


"The information that we are learning and the information that Ann is teaching us is just

a whole new ball game.

It's all hands on learning and you get lots of one on one teacher/student assistance.  It's

just the complete information you get from Ann and it has been a wealth of

information ."

- Sara Adams, LMT

"Not only does Ann teach you great techniques, she teaches you how to incorporate that

into building your clientele and into creating a successful practice."

- Fabian Owen, LMT

"Ann not only knows her skill set, but she is able to articulate it and that's not easy - this

coming from someone (like me) who teaches medical students and Residents."

- Dr Wallace Duff, MD

"Ann is all about results, and she has a very powerful way of motivating her clients and I

have personally seen the transformation she has given to some of my patients.  She's

absolutely my go-to-person."

- Dr. Scott Larit, Larit Chiropractic and Wellness Center

"This is by far the best instructor I’ve ever learned from and the best class I’ve ever taken. 

Ann is an incredible wealth of knowledge.  She empowered us to uncomfortable and learn,

and to get outside that comfort zone and challenge ourselves.  I know I will be using this

information in my daily practice."

Thank you. -  Meredith Wachter


"Amazing class!  I learned so much that will help both my clients and me personally, and I

felt amazing after!  Thank you". – Amber Scheer


"Best CE class ever!  Thank you so much!" – Libby Thurston


"Wonderful class!  I learned so much from you this weekend and I’m excited for the next

class with you.  Thank you." – Bryan Kowskie


The best therapeutic massage I've ever had and one that actually healed me was from

Ann Murley.  I walked into one of her classes practically in tears.  For weeks I had been

having pain from my neck going through my shoulder and down to my elbow and finger. 

I had many massages before Ann’s to find relief, but the therapists only worked on the

area where I felt the pain.  Ann took the time and knew which muscles that were actually

causing the pain.  They were very different from where I felt the pain.  When I got up from

the table I could feel the release all through my neck down my shoulder all the way to my

fingers.  Thankfully my pain was soon gone and I haven’t had a problem since then.  I'll tell

you one thing, if I ever have issues like that again she will be the one I will be going to. 

-Kimberly Roubicek

"If you are serious about making positive changes that will allow you to live life to its fullest,

contact Ann. You will be cheating yourself if you overlook what she brings to the table.

Ann’s knowledge and relentless dedication to my goal of being the best I can be is second

to none.  She will not let you go through the motions without reaching goals that will

make you feel pride and enthusiasm about life's possibilities."

- Hank Warshaw

“I made an appointment with Ann 20 years ago seeking relief of neck pain and chronic

headaches. Relief is exactly what I got. To this day each time I see Ann I am in awe of the

amazing force she is. She changed my life!” 

- Donette Smith



“After our sessions, I felt lighter and more alive knowing I had the tools to actually start

changing my life. I needed to write this for anyone who is thinking of having Ann in their

lives. I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes, but more importantly I have ME BACK! My body is the one

I remember and my mind is at ease for the first time is a very long time. Thank you does

not seem to say enough.”   

- Lynne Gewant



"When I met Ann my life was in some ways spiraling down to oblivion.  

The stress of a few very traumatic years had seen me start smoking again, drinking

a little too much and letting my physical health deteriorate.  I was also suffering from a

serious injury to my Rotator Cuff and enduring ongoing chronic pain.  I was sad and very

demotivated and felt trapped and lost at the same time.  And I felt like crap.  My body was

telling me it wasn't happy.  

Ann reinvigorated my life both physically, mentally and emotionally.  Ann helped me

remember that my life is precious and that it matters - and helped me get it back on track.

With her gentle help and encouragement, simple lifestyle changes that were actually very

easy to implement have helped me regain my health and left me feeling excited for

everyday!  Reborn!

Thanks to Ann and her overwhelming motivation skills I quit smoking, stopped drinking

(ok, maybe a glass or two of wine a week) and I now do stuff that's good for my body, my

mind and my soul everyday.  I go to the gym a few times a week, I swim a few times a

week and at the very least I go for a good half-hour walk every day.

None of this would ever have happened if it wasn't for Ann.  I thank God every day that I

met her.

- Jack Jacobson

“I am enjoying myself like I haven't in years. I feel very comfortable in my shoes (now that

I can see them)” :-)

- Joe Davis

“Ann helped me become aware of how the choices I make every day affect me. What I eat

and how much I exercise and stretch significantly determines the quality of my life which

is pretty darn good today.”

- Jerome Thompson, New York, NY



“I shall always be grateful for what Ann has contributed to make my life worth living again.

When I started working with Ann I had no clue at the time what a gift she was prepared to

give to me.”

- Christine Lawrence



“My life will never be the same.  There is no way I will ever go back to a lifestyle of virtually

committing suicide while hoping science will bail me out.  My doctor is amazed with my

progress and will soon be taking me off medication.” 

- Martin Stewart


“I look forward to tomorrow because every day is better than the previous one. I wake up

with an enthusiasm I used to have when I was a teenager. I’m excited to be alive and

enjoying the adventurous life I am now living.”

- Steven Clark



“I always thought I could make these changes by myself...but after years of trying various

fads and different weight reduction plans and programs, I now know that the personal

attention through coaching that Ann gave me was really  the only way I could reach

the Promised Land. God Bless her. I will never forget what she did for me.”

- Sheila Vargas



“I could not resist Ann’s caring approach nor could I allow myself to care less than she did.”

- Bob Jacobs


“As my attitude changed from "woe is me” self pity and self loathing for causing my

predicament to enthusiasm and a sense of achievement,  I gained momentum,

and realized that the sacrifices were insignificant compared to the rewards 

for healthy choices.” 

- Rhonda Zuch


“Half way through the second day of Ann's workshop I almost couldn't contain my joy and

excitement at what I had learned - and how to apply it to my practice - and give these

benefits to my clients. I couldn't wait to get back to my clinic the next day ”  

- Margaret Tallison

"I will be forever thankful that I heard about Ann's workshops through a colleague.  As a 

result I decided to attend her workshop on Lasting Relief for Low Back Pain & Sciatica and

it completely changed my whole approach.  Both from what is in the best interest of my

clients and also how to adopt simple procedures that will help protect the longevity of

my LMT career."

- Jan Evans

"Thank you Ann for the simple improvements in technique you shared with us!  Your Work

Shop was exhilarating and I look forward to your next one."

- Susie Johnson

Ann Murley | Omaha Massage Continuing Education

Health & Wellness Coaching

Ann Murley | Omaha Massage Continuing Education Workshop
Ann Murley Omaha Massage Continuing Education Workshops
Ann Murley Teaching Massage Workshop
Massage Workshop Group With Ann Murley | Omaha Massage Continuing Education Workshops
Ann Murley Overseeing Massage Technique | Omaha Massage Continuing Education Workshops
Ann Murley Massage Workshop | Omaha Massage Continuing Education Workshops
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