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"Not only does Ann teach you great technique, she teaches you how to incorporate that into building your clientele and into creating

a successful practice."

- Abbe Thomlison, LMT

"Ann Murley's Omaha Massage Continuing Education Workshops are the most educational, informative, exciting and energizing workshops I have ever attended.  Two days of hours full of an atmosphere that was electric and full of positive energy.  It was a fantastic workshop and at the end of these great two days I was filled to the brim with new knowledge, enthusiasm and a whole

new awareness."

- Jake Simpson

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Massage Continuing Education Omaha Workshop:

Shoulders, Arms and Hands

16-17 September 2017 - Omaha - Photos

Massage Continuing Education Omaha Workshop:

Lasting relief for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

19-20 August 2017 - Omaha - Photos

Massage Continuing Education Omaha Workshop:

Releasing Cranial and Cervical Pressure

9 July 2017 - Omaha - Photos

The Mistaken Identity of Pain:  

Continuing Education Massage Workshops for Licensed Massage Therapists

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