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Massage Therapists- is financial freedom possible without working so hard?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Other than massage therapy, is it possible to earn income as a massage therapist while adding value to your client’s health? The short answer is yes!

An article from Massage Magazine states, “It’s important to establish multiple sources of income, especially from a source that does not require additional labor or massage in order to be realized. These products are not meant to take the place of the therapist, but will enhance the results the therapist wants to see the client achieve, all while building trust and rapport. Massage therapists should regard the products they sell as items to take home to continue the treatment momentum.”

How can I make this Happen Quickly?

Build your Brand

Your clients are looking to you as the leader in industry trends and options for products and services. It’s a logical next step to educating your clients about the value of supplementation and the ease of shopping with you. Massage therapists depend on one-to-one interaction. As many of us have been affected with adjustments by the rules of social distancing, knowing that an additional revenue stream is in place is essential. An on-line nutrition platform offers huge potential to generate multiple streams of income.

The Perfect Fit

Many foods and dietary elements have inflammatory effects on the body, and this sets the body up for a host of inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia and other conditions that we attend to on a daily basis. Once I gained a basic understanding of nutrition, puzzles like this were much easier to solve. Diet plays a key role in inflammation, either adding fuel to the fire, or helping to reduce inflammation.

Nutrition is what every living thing requires to sustain itself, to sustain its life and to develop its tolerance to any form of stress. Not just any kind of nourishment. We need the very best of food, meaning the highest quality of food. The absence of it will intensify stress.

But I don’t have Nutrition Credentials-

As a Massage Therapist, you are not required or expected to have a nutritional background. However, therapists are educated in physiology and pathology, so they possess the background information to appreciate and understand the important role of nutrition in client health. While we cannot, and should not offer specific dietary advice, we can certainly inquire about our client’s dietary habits if they are experiencing delayed, or stalled healing. With a proper nutritional knowledge base, you can direct your clients to evidence-based nutrition resources.

This is not to say that a client will necessarily change their diet once they learn its role in their health, but they do have a right to this information. Then they can make an informed decision, and the concept of informed choices is at the heart of health care and patient rights.

Better Results better Client Retention

We all know the proper nutrition accelerates the healing process. 80% of Americans already buy supplements and typically spend an average of $50 per month (though if they are working with a coach this amount tends to be higher) Clients are interested in products that professionals use and recommend. Experts know that results combined with a good nutrition will keep your client happy and motivated to stay with you.

Bottom Line

Taking on new clients and providing high-quality massage remains one of the best ways to make a solid income. However, more massage therapists are waking up to the fact that selling products can help boost their bottom line and offer added value for their clients.

The trend toward selling retail items inside the massage studio seems to be here to stay. Embrace the change, and celebrate a second—and simple—method for earning money.

How do I start?

With a few simple steps, you can take the plunge and start directing your clients to evidence-based nutrition and having another income stream. To get started right now, contact me at

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