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Would You Hire You?

The only person keeping you from reaching your full potential and success is the one looking back at you in the mirror.

We often focus on what employers can do to better our lives as employees, but the people responsible are solely ourselves.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your life, make the change! Work hard, do better, become better and in the end, your life will be better.

It sounds simple, but it takes a lot of motivation and dedication to achieve a life that you enjoy living to its fullest extent. There is no handbook on “the perfect life”, but instead there are changes that you can consider to ultimately create the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

As a continuing education provider, it is my job to encourage my massage therapist students to take their lives into their own hands and ultimately elevate from ordinary to exceptional.

Don’t settle for mediocrity, strive for extraordinary.

There are various aspects of your life that you should take into consideration when attempting to better yourself. Ask yourself a few simple questions, and don’t settle until you are completely satisfied with the answers.

Questions to Ask Yourself

My continuing education programs inspire fellow massage therapists to reach their full potential.

My passion is to enhance the general health and career longevity for massage therapists to maintain a flourishing practice.

Ask yourself these questions and your massage therapy practice can thrive beyond imaginable possibilities:

What would an employer see if they looked at your Facebook or Instagram page?

Social media should be used to adequately promote yourself to the outside world.

There’s a reason why employers may ask for your social media link(s) on a job application. Employers utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to essentially see who you are and who you surround yourself with. Employers want to know if you carry yourself well and are intelligent about the media that you post, so keeping your social media appropriate at all times is in your best interest. Employers also want to understand aspects of your life such as what you enjoy doing in your spare time, what you value, and who you spend your time with the most. Social media can be used to ultimately decide if a candidate blends well with a company’s culture, and if your social media is inappropriate, then kiss that job goodbye.

Consumers and potential clients also use social media to determine if they want to try that product, visit that business, or contact that company.

Your social media as a certified massage therapist can be used to determine if a client will contact you or not, so keep your social activities and posts simple and appropriate.

How do you assert yourself to bring in more business?

A job interview is all about selling yourself, and employers and clients thrive on motivated, confident attitudes.

You should consider how you plan on bringing in new clients before you start your practice and journey as a successful massage therapist.

Are you motivated enough every day to stay on track or do you need a daily plan to task out all of your goals?

Tracking your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals is a great way to stay focused on your road to a flourishing practice.

Can you do what you claim you can do?

No one likes to be lied to. Just as an employer wants to understand the skills of a potential candidate, a client wants to know what you can and can’t do for them as a massage therapist. If you can’t make a rabbit magically appear in front of their eyes, then don’t claim that you can.

Listing out all of your skills as a massage therapist and backing each skill up with proof and/or examples is a great way for clients to understand what exactly you can and can’t provide for them. Listing your skills also leads to more satisfied clients so that there is no room for assumptions when it comes to your massage therapy skills.

Education and continuing education?

Ask yourself which of my offered continuing education programs will benefit you and your practice the most at the time.

Your needs and skills as a massage therapist change throughout your practice. Track which massage therapy skills are up-to-par, and which need more attention so that you can be the greatest massage therapist that your greatest potential allows you to be.

Are you complacent with mediocrity or strive for excellence?

Cutting corners never helped any successful individual achieve their greatness.

Think about Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, and Oprah, among many others.

Each individual overcame massive hurdles in their early lives to get to the success they have today. Nothing worth having comes easy, and that’s something to consider when starting your practice as a massage therapist.

A successful massage therapy practice requires the desire for excellency.

Staying motivated is paramount in achieving greatness and success in any industry.

Ask yourself if you’re content with settling for an average life and if not, find a way to go beyond ordinary.

Striving for excellence as a massage therapist will only benefit your practice as it will lead to more satisfied, happier clients. Going out of your way or taking the extra step to ensure that your clients are completely satisfied with your massage therapy will only help your practice in the end.

Do you want to be known as an average massage therapist, or do you want to stand out beyond greatness?

Are you involved with multiple streams of income within one brand?

As a massage therapist, maintaining a successful practice requires you spread your wings into the possibilities of your business.

An easier and more efficient way to make a profit for your massage therapy practice is utilizing multiple streams of income. Failure may prevail primarily, but it shouldn’t be an option in the end.

Be courageous enough to take a leap of faith and trust yourself to create the multiple streams of income on your own.

Although your streams of income will pay off in the long run, hard work and dedication are also required to make it possible. Stay inspired, motivated and don’t give up if you’re not instantly a millionaire.

Better Your Life

Life is what you make it. Every person in the world has the same twenty-four hours per day to create a life that they have always dreamed of. Work hard, stay on track, and don’t get discouraged. Nothing worth having comes easy and your massage therapy practice will eventually flourish if you have the patience to trust the process of hard work and dedication.

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